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13 dogs dead after fire breaks out at animal rescue

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On Friday, a house in Chandler, Arizona, caught on fire. While owner Andrea Smith was not home at the time, the house was not empty — there were dogs inside.

Smith runs an in-home rescue called Cruz’s Crusaders. The group’s Facebook page says it is “dedicated to helping those in the most need.”

First responders got to the home on Friday to find about 40 dogs inside, according to KPHO-TV. Firefighters worked quickly to put out the fire as well as rescue all the animals in the home.

Despite their best efforts, 13 of the dogs either died at the scene or passed away later after receiving medical care.

Some of the dogs who were saved pic.twitter.com/6CyYxkD0p4

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A local vet’s office posted about the tragic event and the role its team played in the rescue.

“Our hospital received a call from Chandler Fire Department letting us know that there was a fire and there were ‘dozens’ of animals in dire need of immediate assistance,” it shared on Saturday. “He asked if we could go to the scene to help.

“I ran to the back and asked our team who was willing to help and if they could go to the scene — we had more than enough team members saying,

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