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Why Did Capitol Police REFUSE To Accept Help From The FBI, and TWICE From National Guard?

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100 Percent Fed Up reported yesterday about the Democrat Party media’s narrative of the so-called “riot” in DC is that the Trump supporters “stormed” the Capitol building. The problem is that citizen journalists are releasing videos, as fast as Twitter can take them down, that show Trump supporters being guided into the building.

The latest video to emerge shows the crowd being shown the door into the building, as law enforcement officers stood to the side, allowing them to freely pass by. One of the law enforcement officers can be heard telling the protesters, “I disagree with you, but I respect you!” as the group walked unobstructed through the hallway of the Capitol building.

Watch the incredible scene here:

MUST WATCH: Is this what they consider storming the capital building? LOOKS LIKE THEY WERE LET IN…. pic.twitter.com/xxjS3ol8do

— Brandon Tatum (@TheOfficerTatum) January 8, 2021

Is this what Democrats call “storming” a building?

Here’s another clip of a similar scene:

In yet, another incredible and unexplainable clip, massive groups of people who have broken through the fencing appear to be waved into the secure area at the Capitol building’s front steps by a police officer. We cannot confirm or deny that the police officer was directing people to the front steps, but it sure looks like what he’s doing.

they didn’t “breach” or “storm” the capitol building THEY WERE LET IN pic.twitter.com/SVeo6BcFV0

— a⁷ (@moonddng) January 6, 2021

Finally, today, after President Trump was flogged by the Democrat Party media and Democratic Party and RINO members of the US Congress, the anti-Trump media releases a bombshell.

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