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What Are Americans To Do When the Justice Department Is Unjust, the Courts Won’t Adjudicate and the Media Covers It All Up?

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By Joe Hoft

Published January 1, 2021 at 9:58am

Americans just witnessed the most corrupt presidential election in US history. Never before have we seen so much election and voter fraud in a single race.  But those institutions that are in place to protect Americans from incidents like this have gone to the dark side. 

Anyone who cares to look into the fraud will soon be overwhelmed once they delve into the evidence. 

People who see no fraud don’t want to see it, because it is there and it is huge.  It is everywhere.  But the US Justice Department won’t investigate and the courts won’t hear cases related to the fraud and the media remains silent or lies and covers up the fraud.

For the last two months we’ve reported on the massive fraud committed in the 2020 election. Today there are millions of votes that are ineligible in three swing states alone, yet the fraudulent results in these states remain unchanged:

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There Are Over One Million Illegitimate Votes In Three States Alone That Would Give the Election to President Trump If Addressed

The President’s team brought in Jovan Pulitzer to perform an audit of the absentee ballots in Fulton County Georgia on Wednesday and within four hours of being given the go ahead from the Georgia Senate to review these ballots, trucks appeared in Atlanta and illegally stole the ballots (which are Americans’ property) to take them somewhere to presumably be shredded.

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