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Was the Capitol Riot a False Flag?

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The national conversation coming from both sides of the aisle is atrocious. Even prominent Republicans like Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, vice-chair of the National Governor’s Association, accused Donald Trump of inciting violence.

Based on evidence that is plentiful but not reported in legacy media, I have become convinced that the catalyst for people breaking into the Capitol building on Jan. 6 was a false flag. And if that turns out to be the case, every news report or regurgitated accusation that blames Donald Trump – including the sham impeachment charge – is a lie.

A fair number of people tell me they are unfamiliar with the term false flag, so by way of review, a false flag operation is best understood as a deceptive action that hides true intentions. Think of pirates wanting to lure in an approaching ship. They may fly a distress flag or the flag of a friendly country, and when an unsuspecting ship approaches, its crew is caught in the pirates’ trap. The pirates’ flag was false.

False flags have started plenty of wars. In 1788, an unpopular Swedish King, Gustav III, believed a short war with Russia would change public opinion about his unpopular reign. Gustav paid a tailor to make Russian army uniforms and then had his own people wear those uniforms while attacking a Swedish outpost along the Russian border. Voila! This “false flag” operation stirred up decision-makers in Stockholm and Gustav got his war.

In 1939, Hitler wanted to invade Poland. The commander of the Nazi SS, Heinrich Himmler, pulled off a false flag operation by taking prisoners and dressing them in Polish military uniforms. He then staged an “attack” at a German radio station near the Polish border.

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