War, Riot Expert: Anti-Trump “Agent Provocateurs” were in Charge of Destruction at Capitol Building, Including Antifa/BLM, Using Tactics as Old as The Bible

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“The Hong Kong Tactics just jump off the page to me!” Veteran War Correspondent Describes the Violent Agitating Antifa Tactics Used in Washington DC Unrest and Around the Globe To Destroy Western Governments


War correspondent Michael Yon is “a war correspondent with years of experience studying tactics of Antifa and other groups. Jack [Prosobiec] asked Yon to compare what he has seen in other countries to the scenes at the Capitol earlier this month.”  Yon has also covered events such as violent protests in Thailand and the recent and massive Hong Kong protests at which Antifa was also present.  He sat down with OANN’s Jack Prosobiec to discuss who is responsible for the violence in Hong Kong as well as at the Capitol on January 6th in Washington DC.


“False flags seem exotic to a lot of people.  They’re actually quite normal.  They are as normal as a Starbuck to me.  I see false flags all the time in wars and conflicts.  It is literally a daily thing.  And, also, when it comes to APs (Agent Provocateurs) I see those constantly.  This is not something exotic.  This has been going on for centuries…it is arguably in the Bible.  This is old old stuff.”


He says he identified “many…clear” cells and Agent Provocateurs associated with Antifa/BLM.  Yon describes one incident that we previously covered at the capitol.  During the incident agent provocateurs associated with Antifa/BLM, including John Sullivan are actually filming the death of Ashli Babbit at the Capitol and are also caught on the same film changing into another outfit after Ashli Babbit’s murder. This is a common tactic for these anti-Western infiltrators who bring multiple outfits to change into at different stages of a violent breech. 

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