VIDEO: Violent Leftists Attack City Hall, Tear Down American Flag, Assault Journalist, Steal…Media Ignores

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A mob of violent leftist vandals broke into the locked Bellingham, Washington City Hall building and committed multiple crimes.  This breaking and entering and trespassing as well as tearing down an American flag and assaulting  a journalist after stealing his equipment.  As with all other violent Antifa attacks, the national media refuses to cover it.

These mentally ill troglodytes are not being called insurrectionists.  No troops are being sent in to protect anyone.  In fact, no law enforcement of any kind can be seen in the videos.  This is because they are not Trump supporters, so Big Tech, Big Media, and Politicians all condone these actions in order to undermine America’s foundations and make it fall.

According to DeeDee Sun, a journalist for CBS KIRO7 Seattle:

#BREAKING: Protestors broke into a locked city hall in Bellingham today. Mayor had to be escorted out for safety.

They also tore down the American flag outside. Stole a KGMI journalist’s mic and threw a hot drink on him.

They’re supposed to be here advocating for the homeless.

— Deedee Sun (@DeedeeKIRO7) January 23, 2021


The blatantly illegal mob violence was justified in the malformed brains of these unhinged toddlers because the city was trying to remove a large encampment of squatters from public areas due to it being a serious health and safety hazard that had been causing problems:


Camp 210 in Bellingham is facing a sweep Friday morning. We need bodies to help support our

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