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Video: Unarmed Trump Supporter Shot and Killed by Capitol Police Identified as 14 Year Air Force Veteran

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After a summer of violence, murder, and destruction from Black Lives Matter and Antifa, where there was very little push back from authorities, an unarmed Trump supporter was just murdered by Capitol police for trying to climb through a window. Suddenly, it’s not ok to protest or breach security when for months; the far-left repeatedly did so much worse than this and got away with it. It’s disgusting that Joe Biden called Antifa “just an idea” but had harsh words today for the protest in DC. He NEVER came out to denounce the violence from Antifa.

It’s being reported that the unarmed woman who was shot and killed by the Capitol police is from San Diego and has been identified as 14 year Air Force Veteran Ashli Babbit:

This is very sad…apparently she was a 14 year Air Force veteran – she was unarmed…this needs to be investigated… https://t.co/W6XPouA014

— Tony Shaffer (@T_S_P_O_O_K_Y) January 7, 2021

She was shot as she tried to climb through a window at the Capitol.


She fell back into a small group of people and was given aid after being shot in the neck.

Please pray for the family and loved ones of this Patriot woman who was shot in cold blood today.

This woman should be remembered for the Patriot she was and for the woman who simply protested her government and was murdered for it. The videos below are from Ashli Babbit’s Twitter account:

Ashli Babbitt – I believe is the correct spelling.
She had a message to hear. Thoughts to her loved ones.#Ashlibabbit #Ashlibabbitthttps://t.co/0xFw5XScl6

📈 22 Stocks 📉 (@22_Stocks) January 7,

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