VIDEO: Rand Paul Slams Stephanopolous for 6 minutes: “Great Deal Of Evidence” of Election Fraud

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Amid a flurry of shaming, cancellation, and threats, Rand Paul stands somewhat firm in his truthful declarations that the 2020 election was very likely a fraudulent one.  It is important to note, however, that Senator Paul did vote to certify the 2020 electors.

Host George Stephanopolous Interviewing Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) on ABC’s The Week, 2021-01-24


During an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopolous, Rand Paul for 6 minutes slammed the long-time democrat operative who worked for Bill Clinton:

“I won’t be cowed by liberals in the media who say there’s no evidence here and you’re a liar if you talk about election fraud…Let’s have an open debate this is a free country.”


Staphanopolous, a leftist operative who worked for Bill Clinton for years, continued to dismiss Rand Paul’s claims:

“There are not two sides to this story,” demanded Stephanopolous, the host of the leftwing ABC news show, The Week.


Yet there are at least 75 million Americans who voted for Trump.  They believe, with mountains of evidence, that the election was stolen using several different methods.  And, they also know that none of this has been scrutinized in a court of law.  Judges have simply dismissed the 80 lawsuits surrounding the 2020 election on procedural grounds rather than reviewing the evidence:

“There has been no thorough examination” of the mountains of evidence in the states,” said Paul, “There were lots of problems.”


Rand Paul, to his discredit,  did foolishly vote to certify the electors despite several states with massive evidence of fraud.  However, he is still–at least rhetorically–willing to stand firmly on the side of truth,

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