Unidentified, Suspected ‘Agent Provocateur’ Spotted In John Sullivan’s Video During Capitol Siege Now On FBI’s “MOST WANTED” List

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An unidentified, suspected ‘Agent Provocateur’ spotted in ANTIFA/BLM radical, John Sullivan’s, video during the Capitol siege is now on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list.

John Earle Sullivan, a radical self-described “revolutionary” who founded a group called “Insurgence USA,” has been arrested and charged for his role in helping to incite a riot amid the heavy pro-Trump crowd that had gathered at the U.S. Capitol.

John Earle Sullivan had shouted several incendiary statements during the storming of the Capitol building, including “we about to burn this shit down.”

Sullivan was also on the wall. There are plenty of things suspect about this video as well, including evidence of coordinated tactics, like passing up shields, water bottles, etc.

Sullivan could also be seen several times shouting things to direct and incite the mob.

Here he is posing as a Trump supporter to infiltrate the crowd:

Outside the Capitol Building, Sullivan also reassures protesters after the sound of shots from inside the building they are “just rubber bullets” as if they should press forward anyway. This is not the behavior of a “journalist.” This is incitement.🔻https://t.co/0sIN78s8fr

— Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) January 13, 2021

If you haven’t seen it, watch this video breaking down what appears to be a coordinated action that led to the death of Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt. It is an analysis of Sullivan’s own video footage.


In the interview with the Japanese independent journalist, Masako Ganaha, she explains how she has seen similar operations in Okinawa.

Sullivan documents another agitator who uses crowd control techniques gets handed a kevlar helmet, uses his own padded hat to smash the window,

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