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Trump Steps To Microphone, Fires Shot That Will Echo Throughout US History

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President Trump came out firing today and hit his political enemies right in the solar plexus.

Trump was proven right today, again, by Attorney General Bill Barr when Barr shocked the world an admitted Trump was spied on.

Now, much has been made of the exact language Barr used but to be clear – spying is unauthorized surveillance.

There is strength in unity and America is a great example of it to the countries across the world. In the need of the hour, each patriot has sacrificed their needs to help out a fellow citizen.

However, hope can be lost in the darkest times, and the American people need something to unify them in such times of adversity. Fight is not over yet, says President Trump.

This coin is a medium through which all citizens can be reminded that there is light at the end of the tunnel and America under the competent leadership of Donald Trump, there is no challenge America cannot overcome.

And it seems that some STILL can’t accept reality. After achieving the impossible and outsmarting the left at their own game, they’ve thrown yet another tantrum against our president.

The democrats have now embarked on a dangerous mission to keep President Trump’s limited edition gift out of the hands of loyal patriots like you and I!

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