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Trump Asks: “Waiting To See How Many Votes They Need?” As Dem Majority Chatam Co. STOPS Counting Ballots

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In November, when it looked like President Trump was going to win the state of Georgia, the counting of ballots was shut down over an alleged “water main break” in the State Farm Arena in Atlanta. Poll workers were told to go home, while some election workers stayed behind. A video shows the workers leaving, as the election workers who stayed behind began pulling black suitcases out from under tables and running what appeared to be ballots through multiple tabulator machines.

President Trump lost the state of GA by a little over 11K votes.

Georgia’s November election was and continues to be, one of the most hotly contested states in America.

Today, Georgia held a runoff election for two US Senate seats that will determine which party will take control of the US Senate.

So far, it appears as though we are about to see a repeat of what many believe was a corrupt November election, as election workers in the Democrat majority Chatam County have gone home for the night with approximately 3,000 ballots left to count.

Earlier today, it was announced that voting hours in Chatam County would be extended at 2 polling places, citing “technical issues,” the details of which are not known.

BREAKING: Hours extended at 2 Chatham County, GA polling places; The County Board of Elections & the Democratic Party of Georgia made the request citing technical issues, the details of which are not known – WSAV

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) January 5, 2021

According to Steven Moody of WJCL, election workers in Chatam County were told to leave the board of elections building where the ballots were being counted and to come back at 8 am tomorrow.

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