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“They Are Mocking You and Laughing at You Every Day” – Steve Bannon Goes Off on Walmart After Company Attacks Its Customers and Trump Supporters on Twitter

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By Joe Hoft

Published December 31, 2020 at 7:45am

Steve Bannon went off on Walmart in yesterday’s ‘War Room’ Episode.  He claims these unaccountable corporations like Walmart thirst for the income of the same people they don’t seem to like. 

Yesterday, Senator Josh Hawley from Missouri became the first US Senator to announce that he could not vote to sign off on the electoral college results on January 6th because of the rampant corruption in this year’s election.  In response, Walmart issued a tweet slamming Hawley for being a sore loser.

BREAKING: Walmart Slams Senator Josh Hawley for Standing Up Against Election Fraud – Hawley Lets Them Have It …Update: Walmart Responds

Steve Bannon on his War Room offered his comments on Walmart’s actions.  He said in part:

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Here’s the one [corporation] that makes all their money off of the deplorables [President Trump supporters]… They are playing you and this is what they think about it….That tweet showed the inner soul of Walmart.”

See more below:

(You can contact Walmart here)
The corporations are the Frankensteins who run the US and they don’t like us.  They don’t like our President and they don’t like our freedom.  » Read More


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