“The Most Bizarre Scene You Ever Saw In Your Life” “Dystopian” New Video of Beijing Biden’s Illegitimate Inauguration, Cold Eerie Silence, Emptiness, Troops Nearly Only People In Attendance

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A New Video Has Emerged Taken On A Personal Recording Device By A Conservative Press Member at the 2021 Inauguration Ceremony of Illegitimate Presidential Usurper, Joe Biden

One of these people got more votes than any other president in American history in 2020. Which one do you think it was?

The media and politicians and Big Tech and corporations all expect the world to believe that a senile old man who needs someone in an earpiece to tell him how to walk normally into a room got more votes than both President Donald Trump or President Barrack Obama.

In a new video obtained by 100percentfedup, the viewer can see that the entire Washington Mall is empty.  No president in America’s history has seen attendance so low.  Even the space near the stage appears to have plenty of room for additional people.


The videographer discusses what he is showing to his viewers:

“There are like 100 people at the Biden inauguration and it’s dystopian.  There are more people up here with the press overlooking the capitol than there are at the inauguration.” 

There are more people at the West Palm Beach airport waiting for Trump than there are here at the inauguration.  Truly an incredible tim ein our history”

“…There is no security threat down here.”


Even if we forget the mountains of evidence that proves this election was completely fraudulent, the dismal attendance at his banana republic styl

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