Secretary of Defense Says No Intel of Insider Threat to DC Inauguration, Despite Unprecedented 25,000 Troop Military Occupation, “Zero Active Threats”

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Troops Amass in DC in a show of crushing force: This is What Joe Biden Thinks of First When He Thinks of a Free America and an Honest Election.


You may have heard from our previous report that Washington DC has been occupied by at least 25,000 troops in preparation for what is expected to be the “virtual” inauguration of President Joe Biden.  This is five times more troops than exist in the middle east! In addition to heavy artillery and caravans of military vehicles, videos have also surfaced of Osprey flying over DC.  All together, this is an unprecedented display in America and is many times more troops than are stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Such ostentatious displays of military force at inauguration ceremonies are not seen in free countries with duly elected presidents.  They are generally reserved only for third world dictatorships, like North Korea and China in which the leaders control their people through fear, censorship, psychological warfare, and oppression.  In fact, North Korea just held such a military parade a few days ago, just prior to Biden’s inauguration.

The heavy military presence comes at the request of far-left mayor, Muriel Bowser for whom President Trump has declared a two-week emergency to allow for the troop deployment.  But, why the show of such force?  Are they really worried that some larping Boogaloo Bois or rag-tag militia members require anything close to this kind of force?

Chris Miller, Acting Secretary of Defense

Now, new reports issues by acting secretary of defence, Chris Miller say there is absolutely no evidence of a threat to the Biden inauguration.  In fact, the press release by Miller regarding the unprecedented troop deployment doesn’t even mention Chinese puppet,

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