Retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey on Fears of Insider Attack on Biden Inaugural: “I’d be Worried About Gun-Carrying Republican Congressmen Being Near the President”

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Retired U.S. Army General Barry McCaffrey, a highly decorated war hero of the Vietnam and Gulf Wars who later served as drug czar in the Clinton administration, expressed concern Monday night that armed Republican members of Congress cannot be trusted around Joe Biden when he is sworn in on Wednesday. McCaffrey made the comment while discussing reports that 25,000 National Guard troops in Washington, D.C. to protect the Biden inaugural are being vetted by the FBI out of fears of an insider attack on the inauguration.

McCaffrey’s comments came during an appearance on the Peacock news discussion show hosted by Zerlina Maxwell:

“If I was worried about anybody, I’d be worried about gun-carrying Republican congressmen being near the president. They better get them started going through the screening at the door and tell them it’s mandatory. I wouldn’t trust them within an inch of my life.”

The FBI vetted all D.C. National Guard troops over concerns of an insider attack on Inauguration Day — but @mccaffreyr3 says this is rou

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