Registered Democrat, Son of NY Judge, Seen In Video With Capitol Police Shield and Bullet Proof Vest Has Been ARRESTED, Charged In Capitol Siege

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There’s been a lot of discussion surrounding the siege of our nation’s Capitol building on January 6th. Naturally, the Democrat Party media and unhinged lawmakers in DC blamed President Trump, while others who actually attended the pro-Trump rally believe outsiders were leading the violent breach of the government building.

We’ve already identified Far-Left Antifa/BLM activist John Sullivan, as one of the activists who took part in illegally entered the Capitol building. Sullivan, however, is far from a Trump supporter, in fact, he’s just the opposite. On his Instagram page that has now been deleted, the BLM activist who is also the self-proclaimed founder of the “Insurgence USA” group, posted warnings like “An armed revolution is the only effective way to bring about change.” A video showing Sullivan addressing a crowd of radicals in Utah has also been circulating around on social media, showing the violent activist talking about ripping President Trump out of the White House and not allowing him to serve a second term.

Sullivan also advertised for fellow activists to join him in DC at A “DUMP TRUMP FOR GOOD” event in DC on January 6th at 11 AM.

Only 6 months ago, extreme BLM activist and Antifa leader Sullivan was arrested during a protest he organized. He was also caught on video standing next to a fellow protester who shot an innocent woman.

Now, another possible “poser” has been arrested for taking part in the siege of the Capitol building.

Valley News Live reports-The son of a New York City judge who was arrested by the FBI on charges that he was among the protesters who stormed the U.S. Capitol was ordered Tuesday by a different judge to stay away from Washington.

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