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Parler Sues Amazon, Vows to be Back Online Soon

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Parler, a conservative rival to Twitter, saw a massive influx of new accounts following Twitter’s suspension last Friday of President Trump and other like-minded users. Shortly thereafter, the Parler app was delisted by Apple and Google. Then at midnight Sunday, Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) servers took the social platform down entirely.

On Monday, Parler sued Amazon, arguing its internet hosting service made an illegal, politically motivated decision to terminate web hosting services to the platform. In doing so, Parler alleges it violated antitrust law and the companies’ contractual agreement. The social network service, which had become the number one download from Apple’s App Store after Twitter banned Trump, argued that Twitter was losing market share to Parler before the ban.

In a 19-page antitrust complaint filed with the US District Court in Seattle, Parler accused Amazon of hypocrisy for suggesting a lack of confidence that it could police its platform, including finding and removing content that encouraged violence. The complaint references that on Friday night, one of the top trending tweets on Twitter, also a client of AWS, was “Hang Mike Pence,” noting that AWS has no plans nor has it made any threats to suspend Twitter’s account. The complaint said, “AWS’s decision to effectively terminate Parler’s account is apparently motivated by political animus. Parler has not only lost current and future customers, but Parler has also been unable to find an alternative web hosting company. In short, AWS false claims have made Parler, a pariah.”

For the same reason this type of crap was allowed to be aired. Read about the Reichstag fire and what came next… pic.twitter.com/qz8PCtiklp

— Craig Burton (@HashtagBurton) January 9, 2021

In a letter to Parler on Saturday,

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