No Dissent Tolerated: Biden White House Channel Disables Comments on All YouTube Videos, Scrubs Thousands of Comments

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After only three days in office the Biden administration has disabled comments on all thirteen videos posted to the official White House YouTube channel, erasing thousands of comments in the process. The White House channel has been under relentless negative commentary from the American people to the point that downvotes were being manipulated to make the Biden videos appear more popular. While the downvotes still wildly exceed the upvotes, all commenting and live chats are now gone.

A tweet posted Friday night has a screen image showing the same video with nearly 8,000 comments.

Every tweet so far on his page has 70 to 80% negative comments. On the official White House YouTube page every video he has put out has 80% more dislikes than likes. Nobody voted for this guy. Maybe the people at the Capitol may have been right?🤔

— Crip (@Crip56844525) January 23, 2021

Comments were visible Friday afternoon on most videos when reviewed by TGP, however a check Friday night shows that commenting has been turned off on all videos and thousands of comments on videos such as the briefings by Press Secretary Jen Psaki are gone.

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Mark Dice presciently commented on the disabling of commentary:

The White House turned off the comments on today's press briefing on their YouTube channel. Before they did, I had one of the top thumbed-up comments saying "In before they turn off the comments." Yes, I can predict the future. 😂

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