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MUST-SEE: Lara Trump Lays Out the Process Next Week to Cast Aside the Fraudulent Electoral Votes Resulting in President Trump’s Victory (VIDEO)

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By Jim Hoft

Published December 30, 2020 at 8:13pm

Eric Trump’s wife, Lara Lea Trump, joined Dr. Gina Loudon on America’s Voice this week.

Lara Trump laid out the path for victory for President Donald Trump following the stolen November 3rd election.

This was another excellent interview with the amazing Lara Trump.

Lara Trump: Is there hope? Absolutely there is… The reality is the founders of this country set up a process for a time such as this. So, what will happen on January 6th is a joint session of Congress. And all of the electoral votes have now been sent to Washington DC. They will be opened by Vice President Mike Pence and read aloud for the joint session of congress. And if two House members object to the vote for Joe Biden, just two, then everybody takes a break. They split up then the Senate and the House divide. They go debate and then they ultimately have to vote to decide the outcome of this election. Now, here’s where it gets really interesting. Each senator gets one vote. Now we know, we’ve been talking about what we’ve just been talking about how important it is to hold a majority in the senate but we do right now have the majority in the senate. And don’t forget the vice president also counts as a senate vote. And then as far as the House is concerned it is each delegation. So that doesn’t mean each House member gets a vote. It’s each delegation, so each state ultimately gets a vote. So, what’s really interesting about this Dr. Gina,

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