Making Riots Great Again: Biden Inauguration Kicks Off Fresh Season of Violent Accelerationist Antifa/BLM Riots To Be Downplayed By Establishment, Media [VIDEO]

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After the media conditioned American’s to believe the lie that Trump supporters were violent insurrectionists, only Antifa/BLM show up to riot after Biden’s inauguration to commit vandalism and violence.  Only NPR listeners would be surprised by this.


Antifa/BLM Rioters in Portland on 1/20/2021


Four years of accelerating violence and chaos instigated by Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’ Antifa and BLM culminated in a 7-month assault on our progressive American cities following the death of drug addict and violent criminal George Floyd who once robbed a pregnant woman at gunpoint and was high on a lethal cocktail of drugs that may have caused breathing problems.


Tear gas fills the air in Portland during Antifa/BLM riots following Joe Biden’s inauguration as president


The left turned his death into a rallying cry and used him as a martyr.  The Harris/Biden campaign once called such riots “essential” and financially supported them by promoting and funding the release of rioters in order to destroy Trump’s economy and associate the instability and violence around the country caused by the with Trump–who never called for or supported violence.

At U.S. Court House protestors break windows.

— The Seattle Collegian (@InfoCollegian) January 21, 2021


Now, with Harris/Biden having fully stolen the election that President Trump won in a legitimate landslide according to mountains of data, the new 4-year cycle of vicious insurrectionist leftist attacks is now upon us. Antifa helped destroy Trump and get Biden elected, but now it is time for the next phase as they continue terrorize and occupy the cities they infect. 

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