LEFTIST Terror Group Antifa Ramps Up Violence Only 4 Days After “Unity” President Biden’s Inauguration: Attempts Violent Jail Break At Tacoma Jail…Where’s The National Guard?

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The leftist terror group Antifa isn’t going away because one of their comrades is now occupying the White House. Curiously, in Democrat-run cities on the left coast, the violence by the left-wing group is increasing, causing many to wonder, where is the “unity” that Democrats spoke about during Basement Biden’s inauguration?

Last night, Antifa ravaged the city of Tacoma, Washington after footage of a law enforcement vehicle plowing into a crowd of people illegally blocking the streets for an unauthorized drag racing event, sparked an uproar on social media.

***Warning***The video, posted by BLM ambulance chaser Ben Crump, is graphic.

A Tacoma officer used his car to plow through a crowd of spectators, running over at least 1 person! He claimed he was afraid they’d break the car’s glass. This justification of deadly force creates a double standard on the value of human life. Why are his fears valid & ours not? pic.twitter.com/DMvGvU8czp

— Ben Crump (@AttorneyCrump) January 25, 2021

The violent anti-law enforcement group Antifa, attempted to break down the fence at the Piere County Jail in Tacoma, Washington, reporter Brendan Gutenschwager, who was on the scene claims they want to “free the prisoners.” Yep…sounds like a simple “idea,” freeing criminals from jail by force…

Tacoma, Wash.: #Antifa try to break the fence around the Pierce County Jail. They say they want to free the prisoners. pic.twitter.com/3adC3s1OAj

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) January 25, 2021

Independent journalist Andy Ngo reported about suspects in Black Bloc gear, carrying a pistol and knives and wearing tactical riot gear were caught breaching a building to get onto the roof during the riots last night in Tacoma.

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