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JUST IN: Intolerant, Trump-Hating, PBS Lawyer Is FIRED After He’s Caught On Video Talking About Throwing “Molotov cocktails” At “the White House”

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Is there anything better than watching an intolerant liberal, so consumed with hatred that he unwillingly destroys his own career?

As reported by 100 Percent Fed Up earlier today – Totalitarian Puppet, Michael Beller is the Principal Counsel for the Public Broadcasting System (PBS).  PBS is the recipient of US Tax dollars, leftists, corporatists, and globalists and is probably most famous for airing Sesame Street. Today, Project Veritas dropped a bombshell video featuring the intolerant, liberal PBS lawyer Michael Beller.

In the hidden camera video excerpts, Michael Beller excitedly calls for violence.  If Biden loses, he advises everyone to:

“Go to the Whitehouse and throw Molotov Cocktails!”


Does @PBS condone Principal Counsel Michael Beller’s radical agenda of political violence? #ExposePBS pic.twitter.com/W3R9XUCmlO

— Project Veritas (@Project_Veritas) January 12, 2021

The certainty of his speech seems to indicate that he knows that such actions are already being planned by people like him.  Since his language suggests, at least at times, that he is speaking prior to the election, we can assume that such plans would have been brewing for quite some time prior to the election.

“Even if Biden wins we go for all the Republican voters and Homeland Security will take their children away…And we’ll put them into re-education camps.”

Unsurprisingly, a totalitarian puppet Michael Beller also dismisses Trump as basically Hitler:

“In these times, which are unique.  I mean Trump is close to Hitler,” he says.

PBS has just announced that their intolerant, liberal, Trump-hating lawyer has been fired.

Journalist Matthew Keys was first to break the news,

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