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French “Vaccine Blackmail” Resisted As Opposition Raises Concerns Over Government Encroachment

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French Health Minister Olivier Véran

A new bill proposed Monday in the French National Assembly, if implemented, could require French citizens to present negative Coronavirus test results or proof of vaccination in order to utilize public transportation and other public spaces.

Labeled as groundwork legislation for future heath crises, this bill would bestow the Prime Minister with extraordinary power.

Following an outcry from critics and French opposition figures, the bill was delayed Wednesday in an effort to garner more support before rolling out the legislation.

Already known as one of the most vaccine-averse nations worldwide, domestic critics have labeled the bill as “vaccination blackmail,” which would further restrict the freedoms of French citizens in a pandemic that has been increasingly viewed by right-leaning parties as a means for further government encroachment and interference in society.

“It presents “a very grave risk of violating the most fundamental civil liberties,” centrist Senator Loïc Hervé said Tuesday, wrote Politico.eu.

Où est la limite à l’incompétence du @gouvernementFR & de @JeanCASTEX pour déposer en catimini sur le bureau de l’@AssembleeNat à 3 jour de Noël 1 texte de mesures sanitaires contraignantes lui octroyant un pouvoir de chantage au #Vaccin?
Le meilleur moyen de créer de la défiance pic.twitter.com/1xk4Ge4F7G

— Fabien DI FILIPPO (@FabienDiFilippo) December 22, 2020

“How incompetent can [the government] be when it presents on the sly … three days before Christmas,

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