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EXCLUSIVE: Read the Memo Provided to VP Pence Noting that He Has the Opportunity to Save the Country

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Vice President Mike Pence speaks at President Trump rally in Toledo, Ohio January 9, 2020 by Kristinn Taylor

VP Pence is arguably the most powerful person in the world up until January 6th.  He has the opportunity to stand up to the most corrupt actions in US election history and help save our country.  What will he do?

The following is from an article that was provided to VP Pence to help outline for him the massive corruption that incurred in the 2020 Presidential election as well as his legal obligations as President of the Senate.  This is a TGP Exclusive:

“By perseverance and fortitude we have the prospect of a glorious issue; by cowardice and submission, the sad choice of a variety of evils.”

– Thomas Paine

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When the joint session of Congress convenes on January 6th, Vice President Mike Pence will control the session as President of the Senate. His power in that chair will be “plenary,” which is “absolute and unqualified.” [Merriam-Webster]

As President of the Senate, Vice President Pence can note “competing” Electoral College “ballots” in favor of BOTH Mr. Biden and President Trump. The U.S. Constitution mandates that the U.S. Senate be presented with the Electoral College results and must pass judgment as to their validity. Since there are several states that did NOT conduct the presidential election in accordance with U.S. Constitution mandates, they should be deemed invalid and NEITHER Biden NOR Trump would have the required 270 votes. The 2020 presidential election winner would then be decided by Congress as specified in the U.S. Constitution as has happened in the past.

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