Dirtbag McMaster Accuses President Trump of “Anti-Leadership” and “Sustained Disinformation” that Caused Deadly Riots at US Capitol

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By Jim Hoft

Published January 17, 2021 at 4:17pm

When Donald Trump was elected President of the United States for some reason General H.R. McMaster was appointed his National Security Advisor.

This was a huge mistake.  McMaster was not interested in the Trump agenda or making America Great Again.  Removing McMaster from the White House was a great day in the Trump presidency.

Since that time we now know that McMaster was coddling Obama holdovers in the Trump White House who were actively working to take down his presidency. And McMaster reportedly fired Trump loyalists in the White House.

H.R. McMaster also appointed the fake “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella, an ally of Susan Rice, to be his personal aide.  Ciaramella later started an impeachment coup against President Trump over what we now know was a completely accurate and innocent discussion between President Trump and the President of Ukraine on Hunter Biden’s pay-for-play scandal with Ukraine.

On Sunday McMaster accused President Trump of “anti-leadershio” and “sustained disinformation” that caused the deadly rioting at the US Capitol.

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Apparently, the fact that Democrats stole the election with massive fraud is not allowed today as polite discussion. We are just supposed to accept this massive lie from the DC elites without question.

McMaster was NEVER on Trump’s side.

H.R. McMaster, ex-Trump national security adviser, says efforts to overturn US election results has harmed the country’s reputation of advocating for democracy around the world.

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