Buyer’s Remorse: Ute Indian Tribe Lashes Out at Biden Admin For Restricting Federal Energy Development, “Direct Attack on Our Economy and Sovereignty”

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Remember when the tribal leaders were “optimistic” about Joe Biden and overwhelmingly voted for him?

The honeymoon is already over for the Ute Indian Tribe in Utah.

Joe Biden wasted no time destroying tens of thousands of jobs his first day in office by canceling the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Biden also put a 60-day moratorium on new oil and natural gas leases and drilling permits on federal lands and states in the west and southwest are furious.

TRENDING: In Text Messages, Biden Voters Already Regret Their Vote

The Ute Indian Tribe in Fort Duchesne, Utah blasted the Biden Administration’s restrictions on federal energy development.

“Your order is a direct attack on our economy, sovereignty, and our right to self-determination. Indian lands are not federal public lands. Any action on our lands and interest can only be taken after effective tribal consultation,” Luke Duncan, Chairman of the Ute Indian Tribe Business Committee wrote in a letter to Acting Secretary of the Interior.

Mr. Duncan accused the Biden Administration of violating the US Treaty and trust responsibilities to the Ute Indian Tribe and violating the “important principles of tribal sovereignty and self-determination.”


“The Order must be withdrawn or amended to compl

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