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Breaking News: Attorney Sidney Powell Fires Warning Shot at GOP

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President Trump won the 2020 election with the most votes by a sitting president in history but it was stolen by the Democrats and their allies in the media, big tech, the courts, the Justice Department and China.

The President’s Party, the Republican Party, doesn’t seem to care.

Sidney Powell tweeted last night what most Americans are thinking about the Republican Party and President Trump:

You won more than 305 electoral votes & the popular vote as well
You won in the greatest landslide in history.
If the #RNC hopes to survive, every Republican should stand up for you now.
A multi-billion $$ donor told me there’s no point donating at all when election is rigged. https://t.co/yXtDcel92h

— Sidney Powell 🇺🇸⭐⭐⭐ #Kraken (@SidneyPowell1) December 30, 2020

Powell has a point.  We know that Big Tech announced they would not allow any talk of fraud committed in the election two months before the election took place.

They now mock our President, the winner of the election with the most legitimate votes in history, and highlight his messages with texts claiming they are his superior and ultimate authority of truth and the duly elected President is nothing but a liar:

The Wall Street Journal’s very boring & incoherent Editorial fails to mention my big & easy wins in Texas, Florida, Ohio, Iowa &

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