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BREAKING: BLM/Antifa Leader Who Threatened To “F***ing Rip Trump Outta That Office!” and Was Standing Next Ashli Babbit When She Was Shot In Capitol Building…Is FREELY Walking Around DC

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Law enforcement is reportedly chasing down dozens of people who entered the capitol on Wednesday, plus ten more.  This is despite the fact that numerous videos floating around the internet, like the ones we reported here, show that law enforcement not only let many if not all of these people into the building, but actually led many of them around the building!

Yet, still, if we assume that crimes were indeed committed by all of these people and that many weren’t simply led into a trap, things don’t add up from there.

This is because, apparently, trespassing, vandalism, or violence (which did occur) only seems to matters if the person is dressed like a clown…

…or believed to be a Trump supporter.  If not, they were released and not included in the ‘most wanted’ photos plastered all over the internet.

John Sullivan is a far-left Antifa/BLM agitator, who appears in a video in Provo, UT who told a group of radical activists calling for a revolution, saying, “We f*ckin’ bout to burn this shit down! We gotta f*cking rip Trump out of that office over there. F*cking pull him out of that shit. No, no, we ain’t about f*ckin’ waiting for another election! We about to go get that motherf*cker!” He asked the crowd to repeat after him, “It’s time for a revolution!” she shouted over and over again as the crowd members repeated.

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Now this Criminal who was ARRESTED in Utah for starting Riots is being Praised by the News as a ‘Civil Rights Activist’

Sullivan threatened to “Rip Trump from White House” of COURSE he is a Hero to the Media!

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