BBC Tells Teachers, Small Children There Are “Over 100 genders”, Being Trans A Way to “Be Happy”

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A new BBC program aimed at 9-12 year-olds claims that there are “Over 100 gender identities.”


In another brilliant case for home schooling your children, the BBC has created a fake-news propaganda video with which to indoctrinate teachers so they can, in turn, indoctrinate small children about gender-bending sexuality.  The video covers many topics, including transsexuality and gender identity.  The film describes gender identity as “really really exciting!” as one speaker passionately explains incorrectly that there are “over 100 gender identities!” with the same breathless excitement that a sane adult might reserve for seeing their first child’s birth or Earth from the moon for the first time.


The video is called “Identity – Understanding Sexual and Gender Identities” and can be found here, if you are in the UK.  It is being offered on the BBC’s website as part of its “relationships and sex package,” and includes all the usual progressive communist eye-rolling word salad need for a malnourished progressive brain.  This includes gender, identity, inclusion, LGBTQ, bi-gender, queer-gender, pansexuality…

In fact, According to The UK Department for Education last year, “children might be a different gender based on their personality”

The article from the telegraph notes that, while great care is taken to include every woke buzzword imaginable, any caveats are remarkably absent from the discussion:

“The film also tells children that becoming transgender is a way to be ‘happy’ while making no mention of the growing legal and medical concerns about the rising number of children saying they want to change gender…The film makes no mention of the medical interventions that some transgender children undergo, such as the untested hormone-blocking drugs whose use has effectively been banned by a recent High Court ruling.”


The BBC is funded by the UK government–even more than America’s PBS which is run by psychopaths–so this is taxpayer television designed to indoctrinate the masses in the UK with their own money.

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