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Anti-Cop Protesters ATTACK Minneapolis Police After Officer-Involved Shooting [VIDEO]

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A group of anti-cop protesters attacked Minneapolis police officers following an officer-involved shooting Wednesday night. Officers reportedly shot an armed man who fired at them first, Minneapolis police officials stated.

A tweet by Minneapolis Star-Tribune reporter Kim Hyatt revealed that police came under attack from a group of protesters. The group of more than 100 protesters reportedly threw bricks and ice balls at the officers. The incident followed an officer-involved shooting that left a felony suspect dead.

Officer over dispatch say there are more than 100 people and crowd is growing. Bricks thrown. One squad surrounded. Someone detained at 35th and Cedar. Another officer asked for permission to use 40 mm launcher because “they are starting to throw ice balls at us.”

— Kim Hyatt (@kimvhyatt) December 31, 2020

Police dispatchers reportedly turned down the request to use the defensive weapon.

“Can you clarify what is authorized at this point?” one officer asks. Handheld aerosol to stop “assaultive conduct.” And 40 mm only on individual who can be identified and stop imminent physical hard to officers.

— Kim Hyatt (@kimvhyatt) December 31, 2020

Star-Tribune reporter Alex Chhith tweeted a video showing a large crowd screaming at police and calling them murderers. “Abolish the police,” a woman yelled on a bull horn. “You f**king murders.”


Out here at what sounds like an officer involved shooting at Cedar and 36th street. There were chants to abolish the police. Lots of people out checking out the scene. I’d say there’s around 60-70 ppl pic.twitter.com/YMp0C4pKVM

— Alex Chhith (@AlexChhith) December 31, 2020

Protesters gathered Wednesday night after an officer-involved shooting earlier in the evening.

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